Hosting Fee - Payment Details



Hosting fee is calculated in relation to the total value of awards. The fee is due only upon publication of the challenge - before publication you can freely configure and test the challenge without payment, you can also delete it or resign from publishing it with no charge. The total value of awards should be configured in "Prize" setting and should match the information present in challenge descriptions: Overview, Task etc.

The fee should be received by TunedIT at least 3 working days before expected publication. To receive payment details please contact us: services(AT) Tax invoice will be issued by TunedIT to document the payment. On your request, a hard copy of the Challenge Hosting Agreement can be signed between you and TunedIT.

If the total value of awards (planned or actually awarded) increases after the hosting fee has been paid, we may request you to pay a residual fee (the difference between due and already paid fee), in 30 days after the increase happened.