Three Challenges



The TunedIT project was established in 2008 as a free and open experimentation platform for data mining scientists, specialists and programmers. It was extended in 2009 with a framework for online data mining competitions, used initially for laboratory classes at universities. Today, we provide a diverse range of competition types - for didactic, scientific and business purposes.

  • Student Challenge — For closed members groups. Perfectly suited to organize assignments for students attending laboratory classes. Restricted access and visibility, only for members of the group. FREE of charge
  • Scientific Challenge — Open contest for non-commercial purpose. Typically associated with a conference, journal or scientific organization. Concludes with public dissemination of results and winning algorithms. May feature prizes
  • Industrial Challenge — Open contest with commercial purpose. Intellectual Property can be transfered at the end. No requirement for dissemination of solutions

Detailed Comparison

Note: features below apply to challenges configured and administered by yourself. If you are interested in challenges organized by TunedIT on your behalf, see the Extra Services section.

Student Scientific Industrial
Maximum no. of registered participants 100 unlimited unlimited
Features (see Features List for details)
Live Leaderboard & Interactivity + + +
Automated evaluation of solutions + + +
Multiple submissions by a participant + + +
Distinct preliminary and final evaluations + + +
Multiple tracks + + +
Advanced (see Features List for details)
Group e-mails to participants + + +
Discussion Forum - + +
Private Task and Leaderboard pages + - -
Prizes can be awarded - + +
Our Services
Announcement of the challenge on Facebook and Twitter (600+ followers) - if awards $1,000* if awards $2,000
Announcement of the challenge via e-mails to TunedIT users (5000+) - if awards $2,000* if awards $4,000
Technical support (via e-mail: support(AT) - if awards $3,000* if awards $6,000
Can have commercial purpose with transfer of Intellectual Property - - +
Contact us for details: services(AT)
FREE Hosting fee Hosting fee

(*) All amounts in USD. Thresholds can be decreased if the challenge topic is original and potentially interesting to the whole TunedIT community, and/or the challenge will have significant scientific impact (post-challenge publications in a high-quality journal or conference). Contact us to learn more.

Hosting fees apply to published challenges only. Until publication, in the draft mode, challenges of all types can be configured and tested for FREE! You can also delete a draft challenge or resign from publishing it, with no charge.

Contact: services(AT)

Extra Services

We can provide additional services to help you set up, carry out, advertise and finalize your challenge. Services are available for all 3 challenge types:

  • Implementation of a custom evaluation procedure for a new or rare type of problem.
  • Data preprocessing: cleansing, normalization, anonymization, splitting, …
  • Full configuration of the challenge (web page, datasets, evaluation process, …). The organizer provides only a dataset in raw format and task description.
  • Broad dissemination of challenge announcements on the net: in specialist discussion groups, forums, newsletters, social sites etc., precisely selected to match the type and character of the challenge.
  • Administration of the challenge along its duration: execution of evaluation process, supervising the discussion forum, …
  • Verification of Intellectual Property: checking if the source code and documentation provided by the winner corresponds exactly to the winning solution submitted in the challenge. Supported programming languages: Java, C/C++, R.

Pricing depends on the problem that you wish to pose, its technical difficulty and potential audience. For a cost estimate, contact us: services(AT)

How to Start?

Go to New Challenge page and create a draft challenge. Configure it and publish when ready.

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